Agency putting artists into workplace settings

Taking from the outstanding and important work of Barbara Steveni and the historic Artists Placement Group, I have developed a negotiated practice and welcome the opportunity to work inside other professional environments and to support other selected artists to do so.

Adopting an artist to work alongside your workforce can help to open up spaces for reflection around process, criticality and creativity and can work as an empathic and cost effective agent for change and growth.  My work in organisations foregrounds the critical thinking that is central to contemporary art process rather than the production of objects (although I produced over 200 objects for my last placement). I work through and around existing structures so that my presence is lightly felt and I do not require anyone to spend large amounts of time with me or engage any farther than they themselves choose to. My response as an artist is made through negotiation and presented with the full agreement of anyone who has engaged in its gestation. Responses from participants include:

“This has been a highlight of my twenty years in the service”

“Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience- I found it incredibly moving and it filled me with the true sense of awe that I have buried deep inside but is continually overlaid with layers of emails, bureaucracy and exhaustion. I thought about it a great deal over the weekend. Thank you for your insight and a really immersive experience.”

“Emma has magical powers”

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If you would like to discuss opening up your organisation to allow me, or another carefully selected artist, to work alongside your employees or colleagues, please do contact me.


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