“People are the most expensive, complex, and valuable asset of any company. But all too often, they are the least understood.“

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Bring the power of art into your workplace

Emma Drye specialises in short-term placements within organisations. Emma talks with individuals in a non-intrusive, discreet and empathetic way about their role and creates unique art pieces specific to them and their workplace. The experience can be a revelatory way for people to reconnect with their jobs and sense of professional self and testimonials have been remarkable.



“This has been a highlight of my twenty years in the service”

“Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience- I found it incredibly moving and it filled me with the true sense of awe that I have buried deep inside but is continually overlaid with layers of emails, bureaucracy and exhaustion. I thought about it a great deal over the weekend. Thank you for your insight and a really immersive experience.”

“Emma has magical powers”

Having an artist here working with staff was groundbreaking



The benefits of taking time to listen to staff and engage with their concerns and contributions are well documented. Art enables this to happen in a powerful but highly flexible and responsive way. Please do get in touch if you think this is something that could benefit you and your staff.

Past projects include installing an opera singer in a storeroom, engraving forks for the staff canteen, drawing a pet dog, developing an optical illusion gif, making cakes, commissioning hand blown glass and making wrapping paper for a gift shop. Art works are usually gifted to the employees to whom they relate.

To find out more about the benefits of hosting an artist, costs and my code of conduct, please do get in contact via this site.



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