I am Programme Leader for Painting and Drawing at the Open College of the Arts, part of the Open University, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.I am currently external examiner for the Newcastle College BA (Hons) Fine Art.

Learning has an essential relationship to vulnerability and risk; both in the necessary failed attempts requisite to mastery but also in the space between the deconstruction of the known and the successful incorporation of the newly discovered.  I hold that vulnerability – and the potential power of risk, at the forefront of my teaching.

Please go to the OCA website www.oca.ac.uk to find out more and I look forward to meeting you if you decide to take up study with us.


Every time I ask you something your responses open up new doors in my brain, new concepts, new perceptions. I can’t thank you enough for the thought and effort you put into all the contact that I have with you – I feel incredibly lucky to have had you as my tutor.


It has been immeasurably helpful to have my reports returned very quickly with clear and constructive advice. You made yourself available for big questions and daft ones replying with clarity, professionalism and support.
The thing I will take with me from you is to have the confidence to leave things alone and be pared back and also that its correct to be selfish in art making. I also enjoy the language you use in describing art, eloquently and perceptively putting into words what I am thinking in my work but not able to verbalise.


a massive thank you for tutoring me through year 2 and 3 of my degree. Your nurturing way has been perfect for my approach.


most crucially, your tone is nurturing. I can’t express strongly enough how important this is when a necessary part of the creative process is to expose the very personal and where an invite to criticise – no matter how well intentioned and crucial – requires an implicit trust in the assessors desire to want the best for the student. This integrity communicates very strongly and for this I share a heartfelt … Thank you


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