Intervention in a National Treasure

Intervention in a National Treasure was born out of my genuine fondness for John Lewis Department Stores. Much as I love wandering the sweetly scented halls of John Lewis, enjoying the best of British design and all the pretty ladies, I don’t always feels solid enough to take it on. It is as if, offered such a positive and robustly constructed identity or life branding, my own identity sometimes rises up to meet it, and at othertimes ducks into a shadow. There might be days when I am feeling ‘John Lewis’ and other wobbly days when I am ‘not feeling very John Lewis’. Outward appearances not necessarily being a reliable indicator of inner resilience I found it hard to spot fellow ‘NVJLs’ and so decided to make a space in the store for a bit of self doubt or identity gear change. I mocked up price tags with phrases that might represent a hiatus in one’s personal narration and slotted them into the shelves in an act of reverse shoplifting.


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