It’s difficult to sidestep the obvious when making work about motherhood. The starting point for the work was the effect living with a baby has on your cognition: the way that you think and process information. The fierceness of the love can be like trying to think standing next to a waterfall. Sleep deprivation is a tried and tested form of torture. The interruptions and lack of solitude can confuse your sense of self. I am affecting my daughter’s drawings and she is affecting mine. When Sadie was a baby, my input was stylised and made in a removed way, as if I needed to overstate my ‘qualified artist’ status in the face of my apparent zombification. Her marks were immediate and confused. I worked with her marks to complement them. She destroyed my marks and ignored them.  Now she is older she is very aware of not wanting to make a mistake or ‘ruin’ things but can still relax and enjoy extended invented narratives with accompanying drawings as an extension of the story telling.

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