The Gift Manifesto

” Works of art exist simultaneously in two “economies”, a market economy and a gift economy. Only one of these is essential, however: a work of art can survive without the market, but where there is no gift there is no art”
Lewis Hyde

Production of a box of tissue paper to be used in the Burrell Gift Shop following a conversation with a Senior Museum Curator. Tissue paper was illustrated with images of the curator and her small son. It was wrapped and crumpled around gift shop sales until it was used up. The participant is manager of an enormous museum with a very complex set of needs. She sits in an office atop the Burrell and there is something of the Jean Luc Picard or Captain Kirk about her as she steers the enormous brutalist edifice that is the Burrell into its turbulent near future of capital building and rehanging.
Our conversations were wide ranging and we shared an interest in gift giving both professionally and as parents and humans.


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